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(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.          What is Virtual 3D Pool & Landscape Design? 

A.    Virtual 3D-TOUR pool & landscape design is the fun and easy way to create amazingly realistic outdoor plans in true 3D within minutes!

Pool Templates 3D-Tour is an add-in for the best of landscaping & pool software (RLP 2017 or RLA 2017) which adds our templates and pool libraries to give the user a professional and creative virtual design environment.

Now anyone can create and visualize complete backyard designs and professional plans in stunning detail before you build it. The most-realistic 3D environment now includes water-features with realistic flowing water & fire effects, wind, wildlife & sound all based on the time of day you choose! Just set the time of day and watch it all happen. Create 2D/3D sales plans, scaled plans, and movies.

You can also create new pool shapes, add many accessories, change the pool tile, coping, decking surfaces instantly - its addictively fun!

You can start a design using either Pro-Suite or from the Virtual 3D-TOUR. The programs however do not share the same drawing format, but you can import the drawings between the programs if desired.

Q.           What is the highest video quality supported?

A.     Our current edition (as of 2017) will support up to 4K (38402160)
Ultra-High Definition video!

Also the new Oculus Rift VR goggles are now supported.
Now experience your projects in virtual reality with 3D goggles*


Q.           Can I modify the pool shapes? (resize, reshape)

A.    Yes, all 3D shapes are fully editable, you can also create your own, or draw from scratch.

You can draw, edit, use and modify our pool templates, change the depths, create custom steps and benches, add pool lighting, pool tile, coping, and realistic flowing water-features like sheer & rock waterfalls, boulders and more.

Q.         Can I create a a pool plan from scratch and also make
my own custom pool shapes?

A.    Yes, our shapes will speed up your design, but you can create a plan or shape from scratch, also group, modify, and use layers!

Q.          Is it Window 10 compatible?

A.    Yes, all our programs work with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10.

Q.          What computer do I need to run this software? 

A.    Our software requires very minimum computer hardware:

    System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows (Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10)
  • 1.2 GHz CPU (minimum)
  • 4 GB System Memory
  • 10 GB available hard disk space
  • DirectX 11-compatible Video Card with 512 MB Video Memory
    (1 GB or more recommended)
  • LCD Monitor: (1080p, 1440p, 4K)
  • Keyboard, Mouse (with scroll-wheel preferred)

    New 4K (38402160) and 'Oculus Rift' 3D VR Goggles supported as of 2017.
    Oculus Rift VR (Virtual Reality) goggles
    require 'VR Ready' PC / Laptop.

Q.           Will your programs also work on my Mac?

A.     All of our software is Windows PC based. However, you can run the software on the new 'Intel' based Macs with WINDOWS installed and the free Mac utility.


Q.           How can I order it or get more information?

A.    You may contact us at 1-800-200-4670 and we will
show you how easy and affordable it is to go 3D!


Combine your 3D
Landscaping Software with  Pool Templates!

TO Get ALL The Features...


Fun & Easy-to-Use 3D
Fun and easiest-to-use graphical interface lets you create amazing scenes with any of the 1000's of included items!

Photo-Imaging Software
Easily include the existing backyard or house into the 3D design for added realism - now included!

Full-Featured Design
2800 realistic
landscaping items which you set to any growth stage! Instant house builder & decking wizards, irrigation, hardscapes, structures, fountains, waterfalls & more!

Create Movies & Scenes
Use the virtual camera at any angle and path and create amazingly gorgeous full-screen deal-grabbing movies!

Animation, Sound, Wind
Instantly adds motion & sound to pools, spas, water-features, also set the wind and wildlife levels!

Realistic Lighting
Realistic environments that change with the time of day:
Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Sunset, or Night (or set any hour of the day). Set the scene to  to see where the shadows will appear for different times of day based on North.

Slopes, Mounds & Grading
Sloped yards? Use the area grader and slope tool to automatically adjust plan items to show or hide areas!

Imports 3DS and Google SketchUp
Want other objects? Import or create your own 3D models using free Google SketchUp and use them in the program!

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